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They are like the sun
Always shining so bright
Not only their sweet smiles
Full of lovely, powerful feelings
But even when their tears
Are softly rolling down their cheeks
It's not just their cuteness that fascinates me more

(This is Chemi Lupinus!)
(Incoming emergency call from Cherry Island!)
(Looks like something bad is happening at Point X, over!)
(This is Nachaan Cosmos!)
(Ok buddy, let's get going!)

Let's go
Go where your heart leads you to, be ambitious
We'll be there, just for you, your strongest heroes (Yeah!) more

Was there something you were trying to say to me?
Overshadowed by the crowd, it's hard to tell what you feel
Sleeping in a different room, or pursuing a new dream, that's when our hearts were racing

I'm closing my eyes, counting to five
I wish I could meet you there, in my mind's eye more

Welcome to the NACHERRY Crew!?
Let's do it!!
Get up and dance
Everybody bounce
Tonight we party, party, all together

Yo, check it out, here's something original
A Welcome Rap to get to know us
Sweet cherries, coming together, creating a beat
That's Natsumi and Chiemi, don't miss it more

N.A.C.H.E.R.R.Y Come on
N.A.C.H.E.R.R.Y Let's go

We're about to open
From the entrance gate, you can hear
A song we always want to sing
(happy happy happy happy) more
Screenshot of the Puzzle Solving Festival Localizations page The Puzzle Solving Festival is an campaign by Bushiroad to celebrate SIF2's pre-release, by releasing puzzles about each of the LL! members.
If you want to join in with the puzzling, but have been avoiding them because of the language barrier before, I have localized them here! There's also detailed Localization Notes for all of the puzzles to learn more!

Play Here!!
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