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Welcome to the SIFAS Note Map Database! Click a group above to get started, or see the DLP stage lists and Song Rankings by heading to the respective tabs.

In case you're here for the first time and are wondering what this is: This page attempts to give an as-complete-as-possible collection of all the song information in the game. This is done by using note map data, which is downloaded from the server when playing a song in the game, in addition to the usual information from the app database.

With the note map data, it is possible to show a full timeline of the song, including note counts, the positions of notes and which gimmicks they are associated with, the amount of notes in an Appeal Chance to see what voltage or skill/crit chances are required, and the rewards and penalties for clearing or failing them.

Since note map data is only available when the song is played in game and requires network traffic to be captured, this is a lot of manual work. It might be possible that some songs will be missing for a while until I can unlock them (or just until I stop forgetting to dump them).

If there's any note map that is missing, feel free to contact me and I'll add it as soon as possible. If you have any ideas for more features, I'd love to hear them, too! You can find Twitter/Discord/GitHub on the Hub page.

Here's some neat stuff you can do on this page:
  • Click the buttons in the top right to set your preferences. Either use the buttons to temporarily show romanized song names or show songs that are not available anymore, or choose your preferences by clicking the gear icon to set those by default on each visit. There's also dark mode in there.
  • Search for a certain song by its name by clicking the Search icon on the left of the group tabs.
  • Hover over or tap a note gimmick or AC on the timeline to get a popup with the associated detail information. (It's the same information as the panels below, but without having to scroll down.)
  • Click or tap on a Note Gimmick panel to highlight only that gimmick, moving the markers closer to the timeline and fading out others. Click/tap again to unhide. Good for Adv+ notemaps with tons of gimmick notes.
  • Desktop only for now: Hold and drag on the timeline to measure the amount of notes and the time between any two points. You can use this, for example, to measure how many notes are between two ACs to see whether there is enough for you to re-charge your SP skill.
  • Keyboard power users: Use Shift+Left/Right to switch through the tabs, then use Tab/Shift+Tab and Enter to open up the maps. And most importantly - just start typing anywhere you want, and you'll immediately jump to the Search tab! Once you're focused on a song, you can use Left/Right to scroll the note bar, change the displayed difficulty with Ctrl+Left/Right, or press Ctrl+1-9/0 to highlight note gimmicks. Finally, you can use Ctrl+A and Ctrl+S to toggle song info dropdowns and the timeline scale! (If you're on Mac, it works the same, with Cmd instead of Ctrl!)
  • After selecting a difficulty or DLP floor, you can copy the URL from the address bar. Share it with someone else, and their page will immediately open the correct note map - useful for linking others who need song information!