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Suyooo's SIFAS Pages
This is my small collection of helpers and tools for Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS.

Any comments? Questions? Suggestions? Contact me on Twitter @Suyo_, on the SIF Discord or the r/LL Discord (Suyooo#7026). You can also find these projects on GitHub!
Event Calculator
Calculate play time and loveca use for tiering events.
Note Map Database
A song information database, including a complete note map reader, gimmick note timings and AC rewards.
SP Power Sorter
Find the most powerful SP skill available for your units.
Bad Words Checker
Find out why the game's word filter is rejecting your message.
This is where I keep my personal results for those events. SBL ones are probably less interesting, but I have some general planning notes for DLP in here that might be useful...? There are also templates for making your own!