TowerBall Mod v3 (July 14th 2017)
for TowerFall Ascension PC v1.3.3.1
Don't forget to read readme.txt!
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Try some variants!

The variants Team Revive, Trigger Corpses and Return As Ghosts are disabled in this mod, because you respawn naturally in TowerBall.

The Future

  • Compatibility with TowerFall 8-Player for 3v3 hoops
  • Different treasure spawning patterns
  • "On Fire" state
  • Ballin' statistics
  • Make it Open Source (means cleaning up my messy code)


Coded by Suyooo
Mod Framework by Kha and TehMillhouse
Graphics by the original TowerFall team
(ripped from their April Fools' joke 2016)
Sounds by zmobie
Tested by Rena, Saku, Tastaturkatze, IFD | siggyx
TowerFall is copyright 2013-2017 Matt Thorson (Matt Makes Games, Inc.).
My only affliation with the creators is as a voluntary community moderator, beta tester, devtime setter and huge fan ♥