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Enter the appeal and technique of your units in the input table. You don't have to fill out all the rows. The calculator will find the best combination of units to get the strongest possible SP skill. These units should be the units in the three middle spots of your Live Formation. They don't need to be on the same subunit.

"Match Bonus" and "SP Vo Bonus" refer to the additional Attribute Match bonus and the SP Voltage bonus from the character's Bond Board, in percent. (If you're not sure what values to put, you can check them using the Bond Effect Board button next to the Bond Board. You can also leave them empty if you're too lazy to look them all up.)

NameAttributeAppealTechMatch BonusSP Vo BonusGimmick

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NameSP Power

  • helpHow is SP Power calculated?
    The total SP Power is the sum of the SP Power of the three units in your SP subunit, the three positions in the middle of your formation, along with a bonus for matching attributes:

    The SP Power of a unit is calculated from their appeal and technique, with a bonus on the latter stat:

    Note that the real SP power calculated by this tool might not be what you actually score on use in-game because various buffs and debuffs can affect the SP skill power (such as an extra 10% to the score if used during an Appeal Chance).