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This tool allows you to check any text against the word filter of SIFAS. Filtered words will be marked red.


The word lists for this checker are based on the SIFAS pools. Want to check for problems in SIF messages instead? Go to the LLSIF Bad Words Checker.

This list of words being checked is not guaranteed to be complete. Only words of six or fewer letters have been bruteforced, and while I tested the game against some profanity lists I found online, there might still be a lot missing. If you have a message that gets blocked in the game but reports no problems here, let me know, and I'll find out what's wrong: @Suyo_ on Twitter or Suyooo#7026 on the SIF Discord or the r/LL Discord.

The raw list of blocked words is available too, but obviously, a content warning: there's all kinds of slurs and offensive words in various languages. You can find the bad word list here: GL JP (Chrome and it's derivatives just show it raw and ugly, use Firefox instead (that's advice in general too))