Hello Blog
31 August 2016 | Tags: meta coding

Hello. Welcome to my new attempt at a blog. Maybe this one doesn't die after a year.

Today, a day after i58, I decided to finally move my server after the old one absolutely shit itself and won't let me login anymore, which is a pretty good reason. It's been planned for a while - my old one was originally just a little dump for coding experiments, and the setup on there showed that pretty well. I was running on PHP 5.1 on there and never updated. Yup. The chance to just reset everything to zero and build it back up from the ground paid off.

However, instead of doing the reasonable thing and setting up Postfix so I can start recieving mail again right away, I made this. Why? I don't know. I don't even blog that much. Maybe I just wanted to experiment. This little blog runs using Python, generating static sites from text files. Fairly simple so far, but I've got tags going which is nice. However, I'm fairly sure that this script will implode as soon I reach a large number of posts - as every single page is regenerated on every build. Maybe at some point I'll add databases into the mix to only regenerate changed pages, but knowing myself, that will probably not happen until I have 5 minute build times.

Tomorrow, I should maybe do the important thing with the mails and set up SSL. It's 5am. My sleep schedule is rather non-existent thanks to i58.