Bienfu [Summer Festival]


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Battle Stats
  Level 80 Level 100
Max HP 22000 23800
Attack 1830 1980
Defense 2480 2690

EX Skill
The effect of Frame Defense bonuses increases by 60% for all Earth units

Chance: 25%
Heal this unit for 50%
Chance: 20%
Increase defense power of all Earth party units by 30%
Chance: 55%
210% of damage to one enemy (18 hits)

Co-op Type
Defense (big boost to DEF, boost to Max HP)

Co-op Stats
Max HP 41650 (+ 17850)
Physical ATK 1566  
Magical ATK 2070  
Physical DEF 4428 (+ 2214)
Magical DEF 5620 (+ 2810)

Co-op Skill
Appeal Target 4
Increase the boss' aggression towards your party
Cooldown: 55 seconds

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