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Rutee [Wedding]


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Battle Stats
  Level 80 Level 100
Max HP 20000 21000
Attack 1600 1680
Defense 2110 2220

Chance: 35%
Arte Use Arte Use
120% of damage to one enemy (3 hits)
Chance: 35%
Arte Use Arte Use
140% of damage to one enemy (2 hits)
Chance: 30%
Arte Use Arte Use
180% of damage to one enemy (4 hits)

Mystic Arte
Heal MA
MA Ready MA Ready
MA Use MA Use
Heal all party units for 50%
OL Charge: 35 (avg. 3.43 turns)
* assuming matched frame every turn

Co-op Type
Defense (big boost to DEF, boost to Max HP)

Co-op Stats
Max HP 36750 (+ 15750)
Physical ATK 1760  
Magical ATK 1343  
Physical DEF 4640 (+ 2320)
Magical DEF 3692 (+ 1846)

Co-op Skill
High Appeal Target 2
+ Luck Heal
Increase the boss' aggression towards your party, plus a 50% chance to heal your party by 35%

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